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SEO is More Than Just a One-Time Thing

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

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Is SEO a One Time Thing?

Is SEO a one-time thing? is a question many businesses grapple with. While launching a website with initial SEO strategies is a start, it’s not the end of the journey. SEO is more than just a one time thing. In fact, it's such an ongoing thing that we created the ultimate guide to it.

This article explores why SEO, particularly in terms of content creation and keyword optimization, is not a one time thing, not a one-time setup. Learn more about this type of seo with our complete guide to ongoing seo. We’ll use three insightful statistics to reinforce this.

The Ever-Evolving Nature of SEO Content and Copywriting

1. Refreshing Content for Better Results: Updating old blog posts can yield faster and more substantial results than creating new content.

Regular updates, even for evergreen topics, are essential. It’s recommended to revisit and refresh older, already-ranking content at least twice a year. This approach keeps the information relevant and engaging for both new and returning visitors. Learn more about why seo is an ongoing process.

2. Content Depth and Quality: Long-form content has a higher chance of ranking for multiple keywords, providing enough scope to cover a topic comprehensively. However, quality outweighs quantity; it’s crucial to avoid filler content. Crafting content that responds accurately to user search queries is key. This means writing for humans first and optimizing for search engines subsequently.

3. Changing Searcher Behavior: SEO isn’t just about creating content; it’s about evolving with user behavior. Searcher intent changes over time, and content that perfectly matched user queries a few years ago might not be as relevant today. For instance, the context and audience for searches related to ‘coronavirus’ have drastically evolved over time, requiring updates to existing content to remain relevant and useful .

Practical Insights from Content Refreshing Experiences

1.Impactful Refreshing Strategy: A study showed that 45% of updated blog posts initially had fewer than 20 monthly visitors, contributing only 15% to the total traffic increase. In contrast, posts with more than 20 visitors before the update contributed the majority of the traffic increase. This highlights the importance of prioritizing updates for content that already has some level of traffic and ranking .

2.Effective Updating Techniques: The process of updating content involves more than just revising outdated information. It includes adding new paragraphs for missing keywords, removing irrelevant sections, and ensuring that the content aligns with current search intents. Successful content refreshing can lead to a substantial increase in traffic, sometimes up to ten times the original traffic.

3. User Experience Considerations: When updating content, especially longer posts, enhancing the user experience is crucial. This can be achieved by adding navigational aids like a sticky table of contents, creating attractive graphics, and formatting content to be easily skimmable. These steps not only retain user interest but also contribute to longer page visits, improving the overall SEO performance .

SEO is an Ongoing Thing

SEO is definitely not a one-time thing. It requires continuous adaptation and updates to stay relevant and effective.

As search algorithms evolve and user behaviors change, regularly updating and optimizing content becomes imperative to maintain and enhance search engine rankings. Find out exactly what to expect when you sign up for ongoing seo services with our buyers guide.

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