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Improve Your Wix Website's Search Traffic
With An SEO Agency That Listens

Improve your Wix site for search engines with an Agency that Listens. Begin with expert keyword research, the cornerstone of visibility. Every search result counts, and we're here to ensure yours stand out. Tailor your meta descriptions and meta tags for maximum impact. Enhance your page SEO, addressing every ranking factor with precision.

As SEO experts, we leverage Google Analytics for actionable insights and Google Search Console to fine-tune your strategy. Dive into our Wix SEO setup checklist, a comprehensive guide to optimizing your content management system for peak performance. Make every blog post count, enriched with the right alt text and strategic internal links.

Our approach to link building is meticulous, designed to strengthen your site's authority. Discover the power of free tools that complement our efforts, making search engine optimization a seamless part of your digital strategy. Let's collaborate to craft an SEO strategy that propels your Wix site to the top, transforming search engines into gateways for your growing audience. Ready to unlock your online potential? Let's start this journey together.


Why Choose Our Wix SEO Services?

Expert Wix SEO Specialists

Our team of skilled Wix SEO experts possesses in-depth knowledge of the Wix platform and is well-versed in the latest SEO practices. From optimizing site structure to crafting keyword-rich content, our Wix SEO specialists know how to make your website rank in search results.

Advanced Wix SEO Techniques

Stay ahead in the digital landscape with our cutting-edge Wix Advanced SEO techniques. We keep ourselves updated with search engine algorithms and employ proven strategies to give your website a competitive edge.

Affordable Wix SEO Packages

We understand that every business is unique, and that's why we offer flexible and budget-friendly Wix SEO packages. Whether you're a small startup or established enterprise, our Wix SEO cost effective options cater to your specific needs without compromising on quality.

Easy Wix SEO App Integration

To make your SEO journey hassle-free, we integrate the best Wix SEO App into your website. By harnessing its capabilities, we fine-tune your website's SEO elements for optimum performance and better search engine rankings.

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Our Wix SEO Services Includes

With our Wix SEO services, you can run your business knowing that our Wix SEO company is increasing your websites traffic and creating new leads.

Keyword Research

We conduct thorough research to identify relevant keywords for your niche and implement them strategically across your website.

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On-Page Optimization

Our team optimizes your website's content, meta tags, URLs, and headings to align with targeted keywords and improve search visibility.

Technical SEO Audit

We perform a comprehensive technical audit to address any underlying issues affecting your website's SEO performance.

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Advertising Campaigns

We execute Google Search ads and Facebook advertising campaigns to get valuable leads for your business.

Local SEO

For businesses targeting local audiences, our specialized Wix SEO services increase your visibility in local search results.

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Transparent Wix SEO Pricing


 $600 per month 

2 optimized pages per month

20 keywords researched

$200/mo ad spend managed

2 Blog Posts Monthly

Weekly Analytics Reports


 $800 per month 

6 optimized pages per month

60 keywords researched

$400/mo ad spend managed

4 Blog Posts Monthly

Weekly Analytics Reports

Growth Expert

 $1000 per month 

10 optimized pages per month

120 keywords researched

$600/mo ad spend managed

6 blog posts monthly

Weekly Analytics Reports

Get Found on Google and Beyond

Our goal is to make your website stand out not only on Wix but also on Google and other search engines. With our expert Wix SEO specialists, you can expect your website to rank higher and attract more relevant visitors.

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Take Control with the Wix SEO App Integrations

Manage and optimize your website's SEO effortlessly with the Wix SEO App integrations with Google Analytics and more. Our Wix SEO experts will guide you on integrating the app and utilizing its features to enhance your website's ranking potential.

Discover Wix Advanced SEO

Stay ahead of your competition with our Wix Advanced SEO techniques. We implement the latest strategies and best practices to ensure your website's long-term success in search engine rankings.

Talk to a Wix SEO Expert

If you are interested in increasing the effect your website has on your business, schedule a free consultation with our trusted Wix SEO expert.

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