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What Small Business Owners Are Saying

I used to wake up and not know why I wasn't getting more calls from my Website and Google Profile. It was very stressful.

Before long, Spencer from Capron Media called me. He asked me how I was doing and if there was anything he could help me with.

Spencer found I was ranking higher for dog food instead of gourmet hot dogs, business catering, or local food trucks. His results are helping my business grow despite the recession. I'm receiving more catering calls and more leads from the website. He is a great person to work with, he listens, and the attention to detail is right on point.

I highly recommend Capron Media and their SEO expertise.

Owner of That's My Dog Food Truck

Tiffany Hamilton

I’m so relieved I found Capron Media. With the flood of emails telling me what I needed to do with my website, email newsletters, and social media, I was hesitant to hire anyone due to lack of trust and high costs. Spencer Capron not only listened, but also provided effective strategies, helping me move forward in exciting new directions.

CEO of Best Ever You & Compliance4

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Very professional, on time and has a great work ethic. Thanks Spencer!

Owner, CEO of Jescher Apparel

Curtis Sullivan

Why Have a Website and UX Strategy?

Imagine building a house with a cracked foundation. It would begin to fall apart in less than a year, right? That would cost you and your family a lot of financial hardships owning it. Like that house, most website projects don't build that foundational strategy on how it plans to actually achieve ROI.

Website development teams often focus on features not revenue. Web design agencies focus on designing websites to achieve design awards and getting the perfect portfolio site. Digital marketers involved might have a lot of ideas for building brand through the website. A website strategy exists to prepare for your website to hit higher growth goals.

We don't blame them, those are all exiting parts of customized website design and development. However, building brand and focusing on features don't directly effect your revenue and sales. Our website strategy takes out all the fluff like brand and creates a real strategy to increase website ROI. While impressing your family, friends, employees, and customers, of course.

Increase Conversions

Present your products, services, and offers through design and content writing that resonates with website visitors emotions and logic.

Competitive Advantage

The highest performing business is often has the website with fewer fancy design features and more well thought out offers.

Support Business Functions

A website helps you find and hire top talent, acquire new leads, and provide a place for your customers to get support.

Support Business Growth

Build your website to be a long term marketing and sales tool consistently growing your client list.

Why Invest in Good Website Design?

Good website design isn't just about how good it looks or how it impresses your customers, employees, and family. Good website design is about getting more website traffic that turn into leads, calls, and most of all customers. A fancy web design your family and employees once loved can be a topic of resentment if it doesn't get leads.

88% of users are unlikely to return to a website after a bad experience

Approximately $2.6 billion in annual revenue is forfeited due to sluggish website loading times

52% of users who don't return say poor aesthetics is the main reason

42% of users abandon websites if they encounter poor functionality or usability issues

Meet Your Web Design Consultant & SEO Expert

Meet Spencer Capron, web design consultant and CEO of Capron Media. The website design strategies and tactics he uses propels businesses forward and drives meaningful growth. His expertise helped him found Capron Media as a family run SEO and web design company.

He works hard to make your small business landing pages resonate with visitors and boost its search engine traffic. No matter how technical or saturated the SERPs or market is, Spencer has you covered. With his help, you can grow with peace of mind knowing you'll resonate and convert more leads on your website. Without spending countless hours away from your family learning website design.

Book Your Website Design Consultation on the Calendar Below

Get a Website Design Consultation & Strategy for Free

Before choosing to start a website design project, it is smart to get an initial consultation. In our initial consultation, look into why you need in the first place to get a clearer picture. We'll give honest advice whether or not you need to redo or improve your web pages to get solid ROI. The last thing we want is to redesign your website if it only needed a few small changes to attract high quality leads.

What You Can Expect To Get

Website Navigation and Usability Audit 

Website Design Consultation

Website Strategy Document

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