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The Full Story

About Us

Capron Media was founded on April 23rd of 2020 by Spencer Capron to help small business owners bring their business online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Mission

Make it easier for small business owners to grow their business using digital marketing.


We want to help 300 business owners use digital marketing to grow their business by the end of 2026.

Our Team

Capron Media is a two person team. Including our founder, Spencer Capron and his brother Sheldon Capron.

Our Values

  1. Integrity: We have integrity in how we manage your online presence.

  2. Results Orientated: We are driven to create results for your business.

  3. Honesty: We are honest about the results we can achieve for your business.

  4. Empathy: We show empathy for others around us and see their perspectives.

  5. Stewardship: We are good stewards of your message to your online audience.

  6. Hard Working: We work hard to give our clients the best results.

  7. Work as a Team: We work as a team to overcome obstacles clients are facing.

  8. Take Responsibility: We take responsibility for our words, actions, and results.

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