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About Capron Media

Our Vision

To give every organization and business the benefits of social media without taking time away from their core capabilities.

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Concrete Wall Cafe

Our Mission

Every day we research, design, schedule, and publish social media posts that increase interactions and clicks.

Why Us?

We have chosen to dedicate the majority of our working lives to give you more time to rest, think, and those other important tasks.

Ethical Vender Statement

We do not willfully use our marketing expertise for unethical purposes and reserve the right to pull away from clients that are engaged in unlawful or unethical behavior. 

Our Social Responsibility

When we serve a nonprofit organization, we take a majority of the cost off of the project as a donation to them. That is our social responsibility.

Client Commitment

Our greatest value is our commitment to the clients we serve every day. They are the reason we exist today.

What We Do

Our core services are website design and social media marketing. It is how we make our livings and what we plan on doing for the majority of our lives.

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