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Joyful Scoops: How a Local Eatery in Middleborough Ma Found Success with Google and Facebook

Joyful Scoops sign

Imagine building and launching an ice cream shop in your backyard. Months of building and you don't know if it will be successful. You are then flooded with customers wanting your ice cream.

That's exactly what Joyful Scoops in Middleborough Ma did using curiosity, Facebook and a Google My Business Profile.

Here's what I cover:

How did Joyful Scoops Get Started?

Joyful Scoops got started with the mission to share joy through ice cream. There is nothing that can give you more joy than a good ice cream cone, right?

Curiosity was building for those who drove past their location on 105 in Middleborough, Ma. There was a building being built and everyone started to wonder what was being built.

The sign went up. The Joyful Scoops page changed its profile picture to a picture of the sign. An unknown, but familiar view could be seen being the sign. The building residents had been curious about was there too. There was no mistaking it.

How Joyful Scoops Used Facebook and Google My Business

It started with a profile picture change and a post. Their first 3 posts teased the opening of the local ice cream eatery. And they opened.

Facebook as the New Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever been to an ice cream shop and was disappointed that they didn't have a flavor you liked? Joyful Scoops wanted you to have the joy of having a flavor you liked.

Then the fun part started. It was time to find the right flavors.

They began using Facebook to showcase their flavors and picked the ones their customers wanted. It's a radical idea for the ice cream industry where the motto "If you have the basic flavors, they will come" is the norm.

Joyful Scoops shared the joy of not being disappointed by ice cream. hanging the flavors when they ran out and updating their followers on Facebook.

Google My Business as their Customers GPS

A seemingly invisible Google My Business profile starts to take off. A mix of curiosity and worth of mouth through Facebook and friends began to result in a growth in search traffic for Joyful Scoops.

Google search was the best alternative for those who did not want to get to Joyful Scoops using the "I'll know it when I see it" method.

Success! They are now ranking on Google Search for local eatery in Middleborough, Ma as well as several other keywords. It turned out added more information to Google My Business Profile was a great thing to do.

Takeaways for other local eateries

A great way to get your customers to engage with you is to engage with them first.

Here is a few good ways you can grow you eatery on Google:

  • Think of what your customer is searching for

  • Optimize Google Search Console

  • Update

  • Use Social Media to involve customers in menu decisions

  • Use a healthy curiosity to attract a community

While they do not currently have a website, we would love to work with them to make one. They have filled use all with joyful scoops.

If you are from Joyful Scoops and would like to reach out, please use our contact page and we'll respond as soon as we can. We love your ice cream.

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