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Website Redesign for Best Ever You Network Achieves a 668% Surge in User Engagement Time

Client Background

The Best Ever You Network, renowned for its dedication to personal development and self-improvement, aimed to upgrade its digital footprint. The objective was to develop a website that was not only professional and functional but also engaging, to keep users exploring its content longer.


Initial user engagement metrics indicated that visitors were spending insufficient time on the site, suggesting a gap in content engagement or site functionality. This lack of engagement detracted from the network's ability to effectively share its resources and retain visitor interest. Despite a strong commitment to promoting personal growth, the team recognized their website's limitations in fostering meaningful interactions with their audience. Recognizing these challenges, there was a clear opportunity to significantly enhance the website's design and usability, aligning it more closely with the network's mission and user needs.


Focused on redesigning the website with a user-centric mindset, optimizing for key performance indicators such as session duration and content interaction. The redesign prioritized functionalities and features that would immediately improve user engagement and encourage longer site visits. Feedback from the community was instrumental in shaping the redesign, ensuring the new site would resonate with users and reflect the network’s values. Aimed to create an aesthetically appealing and intuitive website that would captivate users from the first click, encouraging them to engage with the content more deeply.


Utilized web analytics to guide the redesign process, focusing on improving navigation, content layout, and the overall user journey to increase engagement. Implemented the redesign efficiently, introducing features designed to enhance the user experience and content discoverability. Integrated user feedback to ensure the website accurately represented the network's ethos and met the audience's needs. Revitalized the site with engaging visuals and compelling content, creating a more immersive and inspiring user experience.

Website Traffic Trend in Upward Direction on Tablet.jpg


Post-redesign, the website witnessed a 668% increase in average user time spent on the site, elevating from brief visits to an impressive average duration of 6 minutes and 2 seconds. This marked improvement in engagement metrics demonstrated the redesign’s success in making the website a more compelling destination for personal development content. The network received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the redesigned website, with users appreciating the enhanced usability and enriched content offering. The new website effectively communicated the Best Ever You Network’s mission, fostering a deeper connection with its audience and encouraging prolonged interaction with its content.


The Best Ever You Network’s website redesign project stands as a testament to the power of focusing on user engagement and site functionality. By reimagining the site’s design and user experience, the network significantly increased the time users spent exploring its resources. This success story highlights the importance of a strategic approach to website development, emphasizing the need for a site to not only attract visitors but also engage and retain them.

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