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Optimizing Conversion Rates Boosts Form Submissions by 320% for Confidence Coaching Business

Client Background

Glendon Coaching, a distinguished life coach specializing in confidence and personal development, sought to enhance its online presence. Their objective was to increase engagement through form submissions for their email newsletter and boost bookings for their coaching sessions.


The website experienced low engagement rates, resulting in minimal form submissions for their newsletter and a scarcity of booking inquiries. This lack of online interaction was directly impacting the growth potential of Glendon Coaching, limiting their ability to reach and assist more clients. The team at Glendon Coaching was passionate about connecting with individuals seeking personal growth but found their website underperforming in facilitating these connections. There was a significant opportunity to refine the website’s SEO and conversion strategies to better showcase Glendon Coaching’s expertise and services, attracting more clients to their transformative programs.


Implemented an SEO strategy targeting keywords related to branded terms and niche areas like confidence coaching, aiming to improve search visibility. Prioritized conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques to enhance the user experience and streamline the pathway to form submissions and bookings. Collaborated closely with Glendon Coaching to ensure the website authentically represented their values and effectively communicated their coaching benefits. Envisioned a website that not only ranked well on search engines but also engaged visitors emotionally, prompting action through compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) and testimonials.


Conducted comprehensive keyword research and on-page SEO optimization to target relevant search terms, coupled with a detailed analysis of user behavior to inform CRO adjustments. Focused on quick wins in SEO and user experience enhancements to rapidly increase form submissions and bookings. Ensured the website's messaging and design resonated with the target audience’s desires for personal development and confidence building. Revitalized the website with engaging content, powerful testimonials, and clear, persuasive CTAs designed to motivate visitors to subscribe and book.

Website Traffic Trend in Upward Direction on Tablet.jpg


Post-optimization, Glendon Coaching witnessed a remarkable 320% increase in form submissions, indicating a significant uplift in user engagement and interest. The website achieved higher rankings for both branded and niche-specific keywords, such as "confidence coaching," enhancing its online visibility and attracting more targeted traffic. The Glendon Coaching team received positive feedback from visitors who found the new website layout and content more engaging and conducive to taking the next steps. The optimized website effectively conveyed the transformative impact of Glendon Coaching’s services, leading to increased inquiries and bookings from potential clients.


This case study highlights the successful integration of SEO and conversion rate optimization strategies to elevate Glendon Coaching’s online presence. By focusing on targeted keyword rankings and enhancing the website’s user experience, Glendon Coaching not only improved its search engine visibility but also significantly increased engagement, form submissions, and bookings. This project underscores the power of a well-executed digital strategy in connecting a business with its ideal clients and driving growth.

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