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Non-Profit Website Redesign Increases overall contributions by 400% for Youthfull Maine

Client Background

Youthful Maine, a committed non-profit organization located in Maine, dedicates its efforts to combating food insecurity among children. The organization realized that their online platform needed an overhaul to more effectively support and showcase their mission.


The original website's design and user interface were not conducive to maximizing donations or volunteer engagement, resulting in fewer contributions than needed. This limitation hindered Youthful Maine's ability to scale their impact and address the growing needs within their community. Despite a strong commitment to their cause, Youthful Maine's team recognized the need for a digital environment that could better facilitate community involvement and support. A comprehensive website redesign was seen as a crucial step toward enhancing Youthful Maine's digital presence, making it a powerful tool for mobilizing support and increasing awareness about food insecurity issues among children in Maine.


Focused on developing a user-friendly website with over 25 pages, optimized for SEO with keywords related to food insecurity and volunteer opportunities in Maine. Streamlined the donation and volunteer signup processes to encourage more visitors to take immediate action. Ensured the new design clearly communicated Youthful Maine's mission and impact, incorporating real stories and testimonials to forge a stronger connection with the site's visitors. Created a visually appealing and emotionally engaging website that effectively highlights the importance of the cause and motivates visitors to contribute to the fight against food insecurity.


The redesigned site was meticulously optimized for relevant keywords, significantly improving its visibility for searches related to child food insecurity in Maine. Employed an agile approach to the redesign, focusing on quick, impactful changes that enhanced site functionality and user engagement. The website was developed with input from various stakeholders, ensuring it authentically represented Youthful Maine's community-focused values. Utilized compelling imagery, impactful narratives, and clear calls-to-action throughout the site to inspire visitors to donate, volunteer, and spread the word.

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The new website, with its expanded content and optimized SEO, saw a 400% increase in volunteer signups, donations, and overall contributions. This surge in engagement directly translated into greater support for Youthful Maine's programs, allowing for an expanded reach and more comprehensive assistance for children facing food insecurity. Feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the site's ease of use and the compelling presentation of Youthful Maine's work. The website successfully ranked for many critical keywords within Maine, drawing increased attention and support to the issue of food insecurity among children.


This non-profit website design case study showcases the significant impact of the Youthful Maine website redesign, which not only improved the organization's online visibility but also dramatically increased community engagement and support. By creating a more navigable, informative, and compelling digital platform, Youthful Maine has strengthened its ability to combat food insecurity among children, demonstrating the power of strategic web design and development in amplifying a non-profit's mission and outreach.

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