Top 10 Ways to Increase Subscribers To Your Church's Email Newsletter

1. Tell Everyone About It

Most churches have a newsletter they send out to whoever is lucky enough to know about it. The first way to increase the number of email subscribers is to simply start talking about it more. Making sure it is mentioned or mandatory for deacons to read each week. Try mentioning that all updates and news is in the newsletter in conversations to church members and nonmembers in regular conversations. It goes a long way to building your list.

2. Add a Website LightBox to Prompt Visitors to Subscribe To Your Newsletters

If your church has a professionally designed website, it should be easy to add a small popup at the bottom of visitors' screens that directs visitors to subscribe to the church newsletter. Using one of these is a great way to communicate the importance of your newsletter. Many website visitors don't scroll all the way down to the bottom of each page to see the subscribe to the newsletter section. A word of caution with using these though, make sure to avoid full-screen lightbox popups. Instead of prompting website visitors to subscribe, they drive visitors to immediately leave the website. Sticking with smaller popups is the best option.

3. Post regularly on Social Media About the Value of Being Subscribed To the Newsletter

Your social media can be one of the best ways to share your newsletter. You can share the link to the form outright or add it to a ministry update post. Congregations take pride in communicating with their church's posts and videos on social media and often share them. Giving them more opportunities to share your sign-up form or update and they will. Everyone wants to interact with their church online through social media and the church website.

4. Add Links To Each Sermon on YouTube To Send Visitors To the Website

Posting videos of your sermons on YouTube is a great way to increase traffic to your newsletter. If you have ever watched YouTube videos, there are 2 ways of adding links to a video. One is the cards, and the other is the end screen elements. On every YouTube video, there should be a link to your newsletter or website. It creates a pathway for watchers to better understand the church and what it is doing. Making it easier for your newsletter to grow.

5. Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to Promote the Newsletter

Stories originally came from an app called Snapchat. It was adopted a few years ago by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and every other social media network. By using stories to showcase parts of your newsletter, you are able to put a link in each story that leads viewers to your newsletter signup. You can promote your newsletter on stories about upcoming events, church updates, and even funny moments in the church. Start using stories to get more subscribers right now!

6. Put Links to Your Subscriber Form in Your Email Signature

This is an overlooked way to promote your newsletter. Think of how many times you use your email every day. Every email is a missed chance to increase your subscribers and reach more people. Creating an email signature with your newsletter sign-up link is an easy way to do what you normally do while increasing subscribership. When you do this, make sure it is clear what the link is. For good measure use the words "sign up for our newsletter" or "newsletter signup form". This might not seem like much, but there is a lot of value from doing this.

7. Give Members and Non-Members a Reason To Subscribe

This is a game-changer for getting people to join your email list. You could have visitors sign up in exchange for access to the documents about growing closer to God, Bible Study checklists, and much more. Those searching for information for their personal growth as Christians, after the exchange, will be more inclined to join the church as well. Maybe you just wanted more newsletter subscribers and didn't want to grow your church. Let's be honest though, getting new church members is a plus!

8. Make the Email Sharable on Social Media

Moving from one email newsletter provider to another probably won't do any good unless you are creating shareable content for it. That would include articles or blog posts, highlights from your week or month, important Covid-19, ministry, or missions updates, prayer lists, and other news. Formating the newsletter can be hard at times but making sure you have everything linked to is the most important part. You want subscribers to easily share the links in the newsletter and draw attention to the sign-up form. Never underestimate the power of current subscribers.

9. Write Website Articles That Highlight Your Church's Newsletter

Writing articles about church life in the pandemic, how churches can survive, and growing in faith is a great way to attract new believers, build your website's search ranking authority, and bring in new subscribers to your newsletter. The best way to promote your newsletter in articles is to embed a form in it. If you go scroll up you can see this in action for yourself. It is simple and effective in helping you grow your church newsletter. The only drawback is that this requires consistent work and effort in writing the articles on your church's website.

10. Make Signing Up Easy

Signing up for a newsletter should be as easy as putting in your email and name, receiving a confirmation email, and hitting the button that says "Confirm". Anything other than that is overkill unless there was an exchange (see number 7). When visitors sign up for your newsletter, they expect it to be easy. Having to type in ten different pieces of information about themselves isn't worth receiving a newsletter. Even if they are a deacon. No one should experience your newsletter like the DMV. Make it easy.

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